Giant Lite Brite

Carnival Day goes WORLDWIDE with Pepsi Canada

Last month we had the unique opportunity of bringing our Giant Lite Brite to the Pepsi Pop Up event in Toronto, Canada. 
After sneaking across the border (just kidding, customs cleared us), we delivered our Giant Lite Brite to none other than a Giant Pepsi Bottle. Seems normal to us! 
For more pictures, check out this link to the #PepsiPopUp tweets from attendees during the 5 day event.
The Giant Lite Brite is the newest interactive attraction from Carnival Day. We cannot take credit for the idea. Those kudos go to Jodi Moraru, founder and owner of EVOKE. Here's what Jodi had to say about the Giant Lite Brite:
"Coming up with new and unique interactive activities for clients and their guests to enjoy is sometimes a daunting task, until...the light bulb (or I should say Lite Brite) comes on. Literally. I remembered being a child and playing with my Lite Brite for hours on end, so why not take this idea and make it larger than life. The brilliant team of Carnival Day took this crazy idea and brought it to fruition."  #EVOKEyourinnerchild!  

- Jodi, Owner, EVOKE
Many Thanks to Jodi Moraru and her team from EVOKE for giving us the opportunity to create this one-of-a-kind attraction. Also, thank you to Imijination Photography. Check out the photos below for another awesome event we did with EVOKE and DC Magazine!


The Giant Lite Brite is a great addition to all types of events. It is an enormous 4ft by 8ft Lite Brite with over 2,000 peg positions. Check out the photos below. For more information on the Giant Lite Brite and all of our unique rentals please call 301-933-6881 or email